"Fashion of New Millennium 
                       from the Top of the Himalayas"

Pashmina, the world's most precious fiber, also known as the diamond of fibers, from the peak of the Himalayas. The  pashmina shawls, stoles and scarves, the ultimate and  new fashion of millennium,  are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products.

These pashmina/silk shawls, stoles and scarves are woven by experienced and skilled artisans by hand loom with warp of fine silk yarns of count no.1/40 and 2/10 and weft of superior quality pashmina cashmere yarns of count 28 perfecting the age-old  art of shawl making inherited from generation to generation. We also produce these shawls and scarves in 100% pashmina with warp and weft of pashmina yarns of count no.28.

These products have characteristics of its own attached to the Nature and superiority in quality and durability as well, being  wrinkle free, incredibly soft and smooth to keep warmer in all kinds of weather.

Specialty and uniqueness are due to different outlook and gentle caress that only the wearer can feel and experience the true beauty of this shawls. In recent years, pashmina, regarded as the ultimate in luxury, was used by only the royalty and very wealthy, being too much expensive for one goat produces only 80-100 grams of this ultra fine hair  (less than 1/6 the width of a human hair) each year.

For those who love to experience something different, sensual and unusual in fashion statement from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, these fabrics  cultivate a strange exciting and pleasurable feeling and inculcate the love for the touch of fabrics itself, for these products are lighter as feather and softer as the breeze that will keep the wearer warmer to protect in all kinds of weather in spring, summer and fall.

Now everyone can enjoy this shawls, produced in combination of 70% cashmere pashmina and 30% silk in single ply and double ply and 100% pure pashmina shawls of first class quality as shawls, half shawls, stoles, scarves, blankets, baby blankets and bed throws.

These products are dyed individually  made more attractive with use of more than 100 solid colors of light pastel dark shades.

Being hand loomed and subjected to finishing completely by hands, small variation in weaving, sizes and colors emphasize the genuineness and superiority.                

Cashmere pashmina is only 12-14 microns thick, while the cashmere is defined as any wool of 19 microns thick and regarded as the lightest wool in the world.

We will be offering new and distinctive products that embody the same quality  and exceptional workmanship as our pashmina products.

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