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Lama Paper,we called for stationary products from handmade paper,produced from the bark of Daphne Bush or the Paper Tree,as the Nepalese call it, is handmade by using an ancient process to develop as more environmental and ecological friendly products.It comes from the High Himalays,the land of Sherpas and Lamas (Buddhist monks).

Lama paper has characteristics of Nepalese tradition and culture.Printed from exotic wooden blocks,hand carved by experienced and skilled artisans in our workshop.Lama Paper is available in attractive variations and is presentable both as souvenier and stationary products for daily use.

Specialty and uniqueness is due to long fibres in handmade paper,which gives it a strength unmatched by machine made paper,can be easily soaked in dye and even tie dyed, is strong enough that will not brittle with age.This paper has natural insect repellent properties and is also wood free.

Wastages of these handmade paper have again been recycled to use again to make the cover.These paper are either subjected to vegetable dyeing to get the different pastel colours or printed by hands as dhaka textile prints ( handembroidered dhaka cloth) to make attractive and unique.

For those who love to experience something different,sensual and unusual in writing from the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal.Lama paper will cultivate a strange exciting and pleasurable feeling.Handmade paper will inculcate the love for the touch of the paper itself.

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